Looking at Art Cinema - The Last Wave (Special Event)

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Looking at Art Cinema - The Last Wave
Saturday, October 21, 2017 9:30 AM
Aperture Cinema, Winston Salem, NC
  • Special Event
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  • Ticket Price: $11.50 - $14.50
  • Show Type: Special Event
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Looking @ Art Cinema is sponsored by Camino Bakery.
The Fall 2017 series for Looking @ Art Cinema will look at the art of fear. Horror films are rarely referred to as works of art - overlooked by critics and rarely recognized for awards. The movie going public often views horror movies as a sort of sub-par entertainment only enjoyed by those with a pension for violence and gore, but one genre of horror, sometimes referred to as art-house, challenges stereotypes.  Using a fresh approach to the genre, these kinds of movies turn horror into thoughtful and artistic masterpieces - we'll examine two of these.
Looking @ Art Cinema - The Art of Fear will be hosted by Mark Burger.
A graduate of Temple University, Mark Burger was born in Philadelphia and grew up in New Jersey. He has been a professional film critic and historian for over 25 years, with numerous accolades to his name – including two North Carolina Press Association awards for criticism. He has reviewed and discussed films on television, radio and podcasts throughout the Southeast. Recently he has published in-depth articles for The Dark Side and Shock Cinema magazines. In addition, he has written DVD and Blu-ray liner notes for such companies as Anchor Bay Entertainment, Shout! Factory, and Alpha Home Entertainment. He currently makes his home in Winston-Salem.
Special event pricing for the series applies- general admission prices will be $14.50 per screening, college students $12.50 and a/v society members will receive a discounted price of $11.50 per screening.  Admission includes film, discussion and coffee/pastries from Camino Bakery. Find more information on specific titles and ticketing links below.
Peter Weir directed this illusory examination between "reality" and "dream-time" and a possible coming tidal wave that will destroy the world. Richard Chamberlain plays David Burton, a young Australian lawyer who is asked by Legal Aid to represent four Aboriginal youths who are accused of killing another Aborigine in a drunken brawl. Burton accepts the case, and he then proceeds to have a series of dreams in which one of the four defendants is trying to give him a sacred stone. As layers of reality are peeled away, Burton discovers that the killing was in retribution for the murder victim's theft of sacred stones. The stones resembled the one in Burton's recurring dream. Finally, Burton discovers that the murder weapon was neither a gun nor a knife, but a shaman's sacred bone -- the shaman pointed the bone at the victim and the victim died of a heart attack. As Burton unravels the case, he finds himself becoming more and more a part of the Aborigine's dream-time until realizing that he is a psychic member of an ancient Australian tribe that had disappeared long ago.