Titicut Follies (Special Event)

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Titicut Follies
Sunday, September 24, 2017 7:30 PM
Aperture Cinema, Winston Salem, NC
  • Special Event
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  • Ticket Price: $12.50
  • Show Type: Special Event
  • Restrictions: Special Event
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The 50th anniversary edition of TITICUT FOLLIES will be a newly restored 4K version. A true example of the power film and art house theaters have to activate national change, the documentary will also be accompanied by a special taped conversation with Wiseman and filmmaker Wes Anderson featuring never before seen news trial footage of Wiseman testifying before the Massachusetts State Legislative committee investigating who was responsible for granting permission to make the film.
Frederick Wiseman’s groundbreaking and controversial 1967 documentary, TITICUT FOLLIES , was filmed at the Bridgewater State Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Massachusetts. Wiseman’s landmark documentary provides a raw and candid perspective on the institutionalization of inmates in the United States. Called “a nightmare of ghoulish obscenities” by Boston Superior Court Judge Harry Kalus, whose ruling banned public screenings for over twenty years, the film documents the various ways the inmates were treated by the guards, social workers and psychiatrists.